Storm had his start in radio at a young age when his Uncle Dave was a DJ. He would spend time in the studio with his Uncle and learned his microphone talents. Storm has spent time all over the United States and Canada working in the broadcast industry.

He finally met his wife Louva on a ski trip to Ottawa. They settled down in a quiet community in Northern New York and started a family which has grown to four children, Cassidy, Brett, Lilly, and there youngest Troy.

Storm loves his role as Morning man for the PAC but when not in the studio he spends quality time with his family. He enjoys model ship building and coaches Lacrosse.

Show Schedule

6:20 - This Date in History
7:20 - Things You Need to Know
7:40 - Question of the Day
8:20 - PAC 98.7 Birthday Club
9:00 - PAC 98.7 Coffee Break All Request Hour